May 9th, 2012
Marche aux Puces

It seems as if every other person I know is headed to Paris right now.  Sadly, I am not one of these people.  But every spring, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that if [Read More...]

May 4th, 2012

Old time tennis racquets are de rigueur these days with the stylish set. Used in fashion shoots and photography creatives, there is something about the weathered wood against the crisp and classic white, blue and [Read More...]

April 7th, 2012

The first flowers of spring are my favourites — peonies, lily of the valley, lilacs — and they all grow in my city backyard. Of course just the sight of them is part of the [Read More...]

March 30th, 2012

For me there is nothing so beautiful as something that was once considered mundane or typical and that is now appreciated (should a therapist weigh in on that?). And Science Class posters are possibly my [Read More...]

March 16th, 2012

Are you on the search for something new to collect? I am, always. It’s what makes flea-marketing fun, that search for something new to add to your growing collection of whatever. Currently I collect pale [Read More...]

February 10th, 2012

I’ll admit it, I am the co-Founder obsessed with vintage light bulbs. I think they look great filling a bowl or on a stack of books on a table or shelf. To me they are [Read More...]

December 12th, 2011
photo 1

It was a busy weekend, we picked up our Christmas tree and managed to get it into the house and decorated! hurray!…here she is, quite a nice shape I think (Simple burlap fabric as the [Read More...]

December 5th, 2011
photo 1

We had our mini pop up this weekend- thanks to everyone who dropped by! One of the products we had for sale (and are in the window right now) are these fab vintage tea crates [Read More...]

November 21st, 2011

I am all over art these days, largely due to my new favorite TV program “Fake or Fortune” (love it! Thursday nights at 9 on TVO). If you’re like me you scour flea markets and [Read More...]

November 14th, 2011
Store Window 3

As you may know by now (from a previous blog post) Bev Hisey is our new Found Picker at the shop ( She is a super talented lady, and also a very supportive gal. Bev [Read More...]

November 4th, 2011

This is my latest purchase. I couldn’t resist. For some reason I needed the clunky upright Underwood sitting atop my desk (it included the old paper receipt that was in it, what a lucky find). [Read More...]

October 31st, 2011
stack of blankets

It’s almost November and time to cozy up. One of the easiest things to do around the house is layer. Just as you would with fashion when the weather turns, pile a bit more on [Read More...]

October 17th, 2011

It’s officially Fall. I feel like I’ve had the oven on steady now for the past few weekends. 10 people over for Thanksgiving recently, and the week before that, a big Roast with good friends. [Read More...]

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