December 28th, 2011

It’s funny that my co-Found-er (pun intended) just posted about her desire for simplicity and cleaning things up after the holidays when I find myself feeling exactly the opposite!  As I start pulling down the decorations and hauling my pretty, sparkly tree out the door, everything just looks so empty!  It’s kind of sad, no?  So I start looking around the house and figuring out ways to fill it up, cozy it up, and get us through the winter…

This year, as we pack away memories of our first Christmas in our new house, I think I know exactly what the place needs…stuff on the walls!  I look around and, currently, everything is pretty white and a bit bare.  Wreaths with satiny bows hung on the previous owners’ hooks seemed to do the trick this past month but now I think we need to commit to something longer term (and less seasonal).  Enter the gallery wall.  My husband and I have had plans to recreate the look from one of our favourite Ralph Lauren flagship stores ever since we laid eyes on our big, wide, open stairwell.  There’s just something about the different shapes, sizes, style of frames and collage of memories on display for all to appreciate and enjoy…up the stairs, down the stairs, all in one place, en mass.  We’ve got the frames stored in the basement with the rest of our still-to-unpack-and-display future projects.  So this week I am going to do it…finally.  I’m going to do exactly what I advise all of my clients to do – cut out kraft paper in the size and shape of each of your frames and play with the composition on the floor before committing.  That, believe it or not, is not the hard part.  The hard part will be deciding on which, of all of the hundreds of photos I’ve marked as “favourites” will make the cut.  Sigh.  Now I remember why I’ve been putting this off!

This is the Ralph Lauren store in Hawaii that started it all.  I’m still figuring out if I can have this paneling (and this lantern) someday.  To dream!

A gallery wall on a smaller scale.  So cozy.  I can imagine curling up here with a favourite book or mag on a blustery Sunday afternoon, can’t you?

I love that this display seems to almost have no beginning nor end.  And yet it’s not cluttered or fussy but modern and sophisticated.  I think it’s the pale palette of the images they’ve used and the combination of the frames’ materials.  Really beautiful.

Displayed on a richly coloured, glossy wall, this display is eclectic and artsy.  I love that the way it’s hung seems to follow no rules and looks as if it was built over time.  Proof that it’s really hard to get it wrong if you just go for it.  The more the better.

Not many people would think to do a picture wall (or walls) above a breakfast banquette…great spot if you have the space.

Another great example of a smaller scale gallery display.  I love how it looks when a few objets are brought into the mix.

Lastly, a stairwell that captures the feeling of what we are hoping to achieve.  Wish me luck!  I’ll have to post pics of the process and final result…




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