November 18th, 2011

I finally took some inspiration, and not just from the numerous pages from some of my favourite interior mags that show gorgeous mounted antlers filling walls. Yes, I love those images, and always resort back to them. But it was our own wall of antlers that we hung last weekend in the store window we are borrowing from Bev Hisey, that finally kicked me in the keester. I have been living with a box full of antique mounted antlers sitting atop my dining table (moving them when guests are over for dinner, what a pain). I haven’t been able to commit. But just last night, after driving by our window for the millionth time (I am a woman obsessed), I hung them all. I figured if they look that good in a shop window, then they will look great in my front hall. Check them out above.

And of course that doesn’t mean I won’t continue to check back at some of my favourite antler images that I keep on my desktop. Take a look below, I know you will recognize them and no doubt have them in your own image folders.

Images 1 and 2 by Found

Images 3 and 4 from House Beautiful

Image 5. Jenna Lyons dining room, from Living Etc.

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