November 7th, 2011

 It’s warm this weekend, (double digits for November) and a lot of my elderly neighbors are putting up their holiday lights. I’ve been bagging leaves and planted some bulbs in the garden – which got me thinking about planting my bulbs for inside as well. (Okay, little fact…this time of the year I do start to itch, Christmas is just around the corner and I like to be prepared. I can’t help thinking about my gift lists and basic holiday checklists- maybe I’m part elf?). If you have never planted bulbs inside its super easy, a good container well drained, and some potting soil are basically it.

 Amaryllis and paper whites are solid choices for indoor bulbs, and don’t be afraid to cut the paper whites when they start to droop. They look great as a cut flower.

 Here’s one of my fave containers for paper whites, with no drainage holes I load up the inside with lots of small pebbles so the water can sit away from the roots. I also leave it tarnished.

Only 48 days till Christmas…


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