October 31st, 2011
stack of blankets

It’s almost November and time to cozy up. One of the easiest things to do around the house is layer. Just as you would with fashion when the weather turns, pile a bit more on [Read More...]

October 29th, 2011
fall colour corn

I love fall, it is as simple at that. Crisp at night for sleeping, crunchy under your feet while walking (the leaves, of course), and time for wearing scarves and gloves. But mostly I just [Read More...]

October 28th, 2011

  Perhaps my recent roadtrip to Collonges-de-Rouge, France has opened my eyes just a tiny bit more to red brick beauties. I’ve been watching this sad lovely get sadder every year but this fall I [Read More...]

October 26th, 2011
Recycled Jack-o-Lanterns

I was scouting for some clients the other day at Queen West Antiques in Toronto and came across this incredible display…an ingenious re-use of old propane tanks, don’t you think?!  Every year we all seem [Read More...]

October 24th, 2011
pump with sign

It’s almost Halloween, and around my house that means costumes and décor. I know orange and black are hard to live with, and I have to admit for the past few years I’ve resisted the [Read More...]

October 21st, 2011

Have you ever imagined a red sandstone village in the south of France? It was certainly a surprise to me. I have always thought of grey and taupe stone farmhouses with pale blue-green shutters. But [Read More...]

October 19th, 2011
black leather chair

Ok, so I’ve been around the block so to speak…designing interiors that is.  Never one to toot my own horn or anything but, I’ve noticed over the years that tried and true principles in design [Read More...]

October 17th, 2011

It’s officially Fall. I feel like I’ve had the oven on steady now for the past few weekends. 10 people over for Thanksgiving recently, and the week before that, a big Roast with good friends. [Read More...]

October 14th, 2011
Corlac Today

Okay, so I shouldn’t imply I own a house in the south of France. But even just one week in an old stone farmhouse like this can truly be called living. A recent vacation took [Read More...]

October 12th, 2011

We just want to say a great big thanks for all the support for our online store Found. The comments and suggestions have been so positive, and we’re happy that folks out there are diggin [Read More...]

October 7th, 2011

Call me old school, but I’ve always wanted a family crest. The sheild adorned with some sort of attractive critter, and a scroll waving it’s way through the design. I know I had a jacket [Read More...]

October 3rd, 2011

So I woke up this morning in the dark…I love fall but have to say, I don’t love the dark mornings.  (When exactly do the clocks “fall back” anyway??)  As I lay there trying to [Read More...]

October 1st, 2011

Blog Love…Good friend and talented designer Michael Penney, recently gave us a shout out on his blog and we wanted to say thanks!If you don’t know Michael he worked as a style editor at House [Read More...]

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