August 22nd, 2011

A recent Sunday spent junking, on old Highway 2 between Brighton and Grafton, yielded an unexpected little gem. Roadside I spied a handmade sign saying something to the effect of “stuff for sale in the shed” with an arrow naively painted and pointing up a dirt sideroad. So of course I had to take that road less travelled. Around a curve I found the cutest little antique/junk shop and in speaking with the owner I learned that, up until recently, the tiny log shed was lived in (what?). The owner sprayed the log walls white and the whole effect was inspiring. Unfortunately, my rather fuzzy shots below don’t do it justice.

The charm of the place got me shopping of course, and thinking about whitewashed walls. Quintessentially country, whitewashed walls are the definition of a decorating “twofer”… that mix of fresh and clean with aged and rustic, perfect for a country house or cottage, and as the shots below prove, the key to a more modern approach to country. I am surprised more cottagers don’t use the same trick as the shed owner when the results could look like these:

 1 & 2. Images from Foundstyle

3. Image from Canadian House & Home magazine; photography by Stacey Brandford, room design by Michelle Lloyd.

4, 5, and 6. Shoutout call for  image credits, a “please help me “of sorts. I believe I found these on Pinterest, and don’t want to go without crediting.

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